Professional Lens Cleaning kit For Nikon

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Professional Lens Cleaning kit For Nikon

The Nikon Lens Cleaner Kit

contains everything you need to keep your lenses, optical equipment and other gear fresh and clean.

Cleaning fluid – 1 oz
Moist, disposable wipes – 3
Lens cleaning cloth – 5×7″ (approx)
[ Camera Cleaning kit ] The Camera cleaning kit helps cleaning the camera lens sensor clean and free from dirt and dust. Soft sensor brush and blower removes dust and particles from the sensor, electronic parts and other hard to reach areas. Ideal for cleaning lenses, digital SLR, DSLR Camera. Perfection for professional camera users to keep the camera clean always
[ Easy To Use & Storage ] The kit comes with a Air blower cleaner which is perfect for cleaning delicate lenses and camera elements. Ozone Cleaning kit for Digital camera For canon Nikon Sony Pentax Minolta Panasonic Olympus Kodak Fujifilm and so on All brand DC / DV / VCR / DSLR / SLR / LENS / Filter. All cleaning tools are packed in a carry case, simple for storage and carry outside.
[ Professional Camera Cleaning Tools ] Used in combination with the lens cleaner fluid to safely remove any dirt and debris from your camera sensor, environmentally friendly and non-toxic Handy, high quality retractable cleaning brush Removing fingerprints, smudges, grease marks with ease. Great tools for keeping your camera clean and in pristine condition for types of cameras and phones


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