Kenko UV Filter 67MM

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Kenko UV Filter 67MM

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Perfect for everyday protection for your biggest investment. When it comes to your lenses, rest assured you’ll be protected wherever, whenever!

UV: double-layer coating, the light transmittance of 95%;

(also called the single membrane on each side of each plating layer of basement membrane)

MC UV: multi-coated UV filter, the light transmittance of 98% transmittance

of UV mirror has been improved to some extent; (the contrast is obvious)

L37 UV: Professional with UV filter, light transmission rate of 99.9%, the transmittance of the best;

L41 UV: Professional with UV filter, light transmission rate of 99.9%,

transmittance of the best ultra-wide-angle lens to avoid vignetting; (now available in only 67 caliber can buy the world’s best)

PROTECTOR PRO 1D (W): multi-layer coating to protect the mirror, the light transmittance of 99%, specifically for ultra-wide-angle lens to avoid vignetting.

MC-UV PRO PRO 1D UV (W): Digital multi-coated UV filter, the light transmittance of 99% devoted and wide-angle lens to avoid vignetting, with suitable digital one after another right angle, you can absorb large amounts of ultraviolet to eliminate mist and increase image clarity.

Kim MC the PROTECTOR: multi-layer plating touch to protect the mirror. Light transmittance of 99%, the elimination of mist, to increase image clarity. Specifically for ultra-wide-angle lens to avoid vignetting.

UV mirror is actually a UV filter, for photographers, UV lens is one of the essential goods. Although our invisible ultraviolet light, but it can reduce the color richness. This time, we will need a UV mirror to filter out the ultraviolet rays to reduce the blue-violet wavelengths of light transmission to the photosensitive material, so that a clear vision to improve the far view of contrast and color saturation, due to the UV mirror is close to colorless transparent generally can use it when the lens protection cover.


  • KENKO AIR Multi Coated UV Camera Filter 67mm
  • Designed to be ultra-thin / lightweight and Protecting a lens while not affecting the original colors and focus.
  • High Performance Multi Coating more effective in reducing reflection
  • You can get clear image with high transmittance
  • This UV filter is a useful tool to minimize the affection of Ultraviolet Rays.



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