Kenko UV Filter 49MM

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Kenko UV Filter 49MM


Kenko UV Filter 49MM

With the influence from UV light, the outdoor photos look hazy. The UV filters are suitable for both black and color films under bright sunshine, which could be used to
filter UV light and also as lens protector.
The ultraviolet-blocking filter effectively reduces or eliminates photographic
haze in areas where the atmospheric conditions contain a heavy concentration of dust particles, water droplets, and pollution. Filtering out ultraviolet light enables the capture of vivid colors and sharper detail. With this UV lens protector, you can retain beautiful memories forever. Thanks for your time and placing an order.
  • Ultra-violet ray gives bluish mist in color photography. Kenko UV Filter eliminates this ray effectively.
  • No exposure compensation is necessary.
  • Can be used at all times for protection of camera lens.

The Kenko UV Filter eliminates ultra-violet rays which can sometimes cause a hazy, blue cast in outdoor colour photography. UV filters also protect the front element of your lens against dust, moisture and scratches. UV filters are especially useful when photographing scenes such as mountains, beaches, areas of snow, and any other situations where there is a lot of UV light present. The slim frame is idea for wide-angle lenses and the multi-coated glass helps prevent flare and ghosting.


  • With the influence from UV light,the outdoor photos look hazy
  • Suitable for both black and color films under bright sunshine
  • It is a good protector for camear lens
  • It could be used to limit UV light


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