Kenko ND Filter 55MM

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Kenko ND Filter 55MM

Product Specification
Material MS
Brand Kenko
Model 055151
Product Dimensions 1.42 x 7.21 x 9.02 cm
Item Weight 42 g
Product Description
Product Details:

  • This is a 0.9 ND filter for reducing three stops of light.
  • Enable 8-times longer shutter speeds.
  • Reducing the amount of light entering the lens in the wider apertures.
  • Produced by Japan’s specialized camera filter company.
Brand: Kenko
8-times longer shutter speed Neutral Density Slim designed ND filter Filter Size : 55 MM

The PL Fader Variable ND filter from Kenko uses two high-transparency polarising film layers to control the amount of light that passes through the filter and into the lens. By rotating the outer frame, any value of neutral density from NDx3 to NDx400 (between 1-8 stops) can be achieved. Reducing the amount of light reaching your sensor gives you more control over aperture, shutter speed and depth of field so you can capture be more creative with your photography and get the effect you desire. This filter will only screw onto lenses that feature a 82mm thread (check your lens or give us a call if you’re unsure) and is designed for use with DSLR and HD movie cameras.


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