Godox AD-S9

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GODOX AD-S9 Flash Snoot with Honeycomb Grid 2 in 1 for Godox Flash Speedlite AD200 AD180 AD360II AD360

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Godox AD-S9

  • Concentrates light in a small area and highlights product details. Border areas fade into the dark.
  • Good for shooting ear rings, watches, glasses, mobile phones, etc.
  • Focus the light on a small area and bring out the details of the product.
  • Small and portable, easy and quick to install.
  • Model: AD-S9


Add some more precise control over where light falls on your subject and scene by using a Snoot with Honeycomb Grid from Godox on your light. This version is compatible with WISTRO Speedlites  AD-180, AD-200, AD-360 and the snoot will narrow the beam into a soft-edged circle. Additionally, the included grid will further limit the beam’s spread.


Snoot and grid for ad360 style lights as well as ad200 bulb head.


Includes Conical Snoot with Honeycomb and Cylindrical Snoot
with Honeycomb for GODOX WITSTRO Flash AD180/AD360.
This set of snoot and grid can converge the light to a
smaller lighting area, highlighting the details and reaching a transitional nature.
The Honeycomb generates powerful and targeted light, Border areas fade into the dark.
Small and portable, easy and quick to install.

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