general SoftBOX 80×120 – for head

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general SoftBOX 80×120 – for head

general SoftBOX


– Model: softbox 80120cm
– Item size (cm): 80
– Mount type: Bowens
– Shape: Rectangular(Square)
– Aluminum Ring Adapter


– Softbox is designed to diffuse a strobe flash, giving you better even lighting.
– It comes with a silver reflective interior and a flush front face. It’s necessary in any professional portrait studio.

  • Softbox 80x120cm Rectangular Softbox with Bowens Mount Speedring and Bag By General
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: 80x120cm
  • Shape:Rectangular,giving you better even lighting
  • COMPLETE ACCESSORIES : 1xInner diffuser+1x Outer diffuser, used to improve the hard / soft ratio of the flash’s versatility
  • FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY:80x120cm large size of the softbox makes it ideal for fashion photography, portraits and large size

general SoftBOX 80×120 – for head  is a modifier that fits full size Godox flash heads or other brands with the widely used Bowens front accessory mount. Good for all types of photo work, the softbox renders a soft, flattering quality of light with open shadows and manageable contrast. The included fabric grid attaches to the front of the softbox via touch-fasteners. The grid provides directional control of the output, keeps light off the background, and allows you to light specific areas of your subject.


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