Triopo W-4

EGP 700.00

  • About this item.
  • Camera extension arm for more flexibility and unusual perspectives.
  • With 3/8 inch thread compatible with almost all tripods and tripod heads.
  • Can be screwed onto the tripod like a tripod head: Easy installation and secure support.
  • Manufactured from a high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy and thus extremely resilient.
  • Size: 32 cm – Weight: 500 grams – Load capacity: 5 kg.
  • Imported from UK.

Find new, unfamiliar perspectives with the Triopo W-4 extension
arm for your camera. The additional,
swivel and tiltable center column allows you to adjust the
position of your DSLR flexibly in
the room. Do not let your camera’s orientation decide where your
camera is, so you can choose the
image you want to use.

Or try out completely new perspectives that would not have been
possible with a normal tripod.

Your imagination is the limit.

The mounting is child’s play: After you have attached a tripod
head of your choice with a 3/8 inch
standard thread, you can simply attach the extension arm like a
tripod head to the center column of
your tripod. Then place your camera as usual on the tripod head
and enjoy the new freedom in image design.

We recommend the use of a ball head, but all other tripod heads
can also be combined with the Triopo W-4.

Thanks to the production of a high-quality aluminum-magnesium
alloy, the column is particularly
robust and resilient. With a weight of 500 grams, the
32-centimeter-long column can be loaded with
up to 5 kilograms.


The Triopo W-4 extension arm is compatible with all tripod heads
with a 3/8 inch standard thread,
we recommend the use of a ball head for maximum freedom.

Likewise, the Triopo W-4 can be attached to all tripods with a
3/8 inch screw for tripod heads.

Technical specifications:

– Material: aluminum-magnesium alloy
– Height: 32 cm
– Weight: 500 grams
– Load capacity: 5 kg
– Connection: 3/8 inch standard thread


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