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I often see videos featuring the chest mount which are pretty shaky or are poorly composed (usually too much bike and not enough trail). Here are some tips on how to correct this.

• To get the correct filming position the GoPro should be almost pointing at your chin when you’re standing straight up. Remember that you are riding downhill and that the rider ahead will be below you – adjust the GoPro accordingly. Usually if you think the camera’s pointing too high, then that’s probably the correct position. It also helps if you position the GoPro pretty high up on your chest.

• If you have the extra arms that come with the HD Helmet Hero use those extra arms and you can extend the camera a bit further away from your chest so you can get the correct upwards tilt and mount the GoPro right side up (see picture below). If you don’t have any extra arms you might have to flip the GoPro upside down so that you can tilt it upward enough to get a good camera filming angle.

• Tighten the strap on the chest mount so it doesn’t move around. If your pack has a sternum strap put that strap under the GoPro chest mount plate . It keeps the strap from flapping in front of the lens and also helps keep the camera from being knocked around or creeping down your chest

• Be sure to check that your Camelbak hose or pack straps aren’t flapping away in front of the stem.


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