360° Object Tracking Holder Smart Shooting Camera Phone Holder with Object Tracking Mode Face Tracking Mode for Smartphone Work with App, Black

EGP 250.00

Why you need the auto tracking camera mount


  • It can be used in live streaming and video call. It allows you to free your hands during live streaming in Facebook, Youtube, TikTok or video chat, Facetime call. And automatically take photos and save them in your phone.
  • Using Scene: vlog, short video shoots, daily selfies, couples photos, creative photos, parent-child time, sport image, pet candid photo, live holder.
  • If you travel alone, you need to take a selfie or take a video, this is a good choice.
  • Easy to use with face recognition, it will follow you for continuous videos or pictures. Show yourself, embrace your loved ones, spend time with your family, play with your pets, and have fun with your children.
  • If you want to upload videos about cooking or makeup on social platforms, this is a great video equipment. 360° Rotation auto face tracking camera mount holder with face tracking and object tracking. The auto tracking shooting smartphone camera mount great for taking selfies and videos. No need to find someone to take a selfie.
  • 【Create Your Private Photographer】The selfie stick is intended to solve these annoying problems you are encountering: 1. Can’t take beautiful full-length portrait by yourself; 2. Can’t take video without a photographer; 3. Can’t release your hand with the normal selfie stick. With 360 degree rotation and auto tracking function of this smart selfie holder, you are able to take most kinds of photos and videos by yourself anytime and anywhere.
  • 【Smart & Easy Operation】The selfie stick is easy to use: 1. Install battery for the selfie stick. 2.Download APP “Apai Genie” to your phone in Google Play, APP Store or by scanning QR code at the bottom of the selfie mount. 3.Install your mobile phone on the phone holder. 4.Press power button on the holder for 3 seconds to turn on. 5.Turn on Bluetooth and open “Apai Genie” application, connection will be finished automatically within 6 seconds, then you can start using.
  • 【Face Tracking & All-Round Shooting】This auto face-tracking selfie stick is equipped with AI technology of human image composition and scale estimation, it can automatically track you after recognized you. The selfie mount can rotate 360 degrees, it will make your phone to follow you intelligently when you are walking,you can set pose and then it will automatically take pictures every 3 seconds. Ideal choice for sport events, group photos, lectures, Vlog-shooting, etc.
  • 【Practical Modes】The phone selfie holder can switch between horizontal and vertical shooting modes, providing multiple angles for shooting and improving your shooting experience. It also has two-person shooting mode,allowing you to record intimate moments with your friends and family members.
  • 【Shooting Tips】1.The tracking effection of the phone holder may be affected by the shooting environment. Please choose a shooting environment with proper light and keep a right distance form the selfie holder. 2.Please don’t move too fast, in case that the rotating speed of the holder can’t keep up with your pace.


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